Accepted Papers

Olivier Carton and Luc Boasson. Transfinite Lyndon words
Francine Blanchet-Sadri and Abraham Rashin. Squareable Words
Vitaly Perevoshchikov. Weight Assignment Logic
Ines Klimann, Matthieu Picantin and Dmytro Savchuk. A connected 3-state reversible Mealy automaton cannot generate an infinite Burnside group
Francesco Dolce and Dominique Perrin. Enumeration formulæ in neutral sets
Tomás Masopust and Michaël Thomazo. On the Complexity of k-Piecewise Testability and the Depth of Automata
Paul Bell, Daniel Reidenbach and Jeffrey Shallit. Factorization in Formal Languages
Hideo Bannai, Travis Gagie, Shunsuke Inenaga, Juha Kärkkäinen, Dominik Kempa, Marcin Piatkowski, Simon Puglisi and Shiho Sugimoto. Diverse Palindromic Factorization is NP-Complete
Joey Eremondi, Oscar Ibarra and Ian McQuillan. On the Density of Context-Free and Counter Languages
Ismaël Jecker and Emmanuel Filiot. Multi-Sequential Word Relations
Christopher Czyba, Christopher Spinrath and Wolfgang Thomas. Finite Automata Over Infinite Alphabets: Two Models with Transitions for Local Change
James Currie, Florin Manea and Dirk Nowotka. Unary patterns under permutations
Aida Gainutdinova and Abuzer Yakaryilmaz. Unary probabilistic and quantum automata on promise problems
Christian Brandl and Hans Simon. Complexity Analysis: Finite Monoids and Communication Complexity
Zuzana Masáková, Edita Pelantová and Štěpán Starosta. Interval Exchange Words and the Question of Hof, Knill, and Simon
Marie-Pierre Béal and Pavel Heller. Deciding proper conjugacy of classes of one-sided finite-type-Dyck shifts
Zoltan Esik, Uli Fahrenberg and Axel Legay. Star-Continuous Kleene Omega-Algebras
Maria Paola Bianchi, Juraj Hromkovic and Ivan Kovac. Two-way Automata: Determinism vs. Nondeterminism
Timothy Ng, David Rappaport and Kai Salomaa. State Complexity of Neighbourhoods and Approximate Pattern Matching
Jorge Almeida, Jana Bartonova, Ondrej Klima and Michal Kunc. On decidability of intermediate levels of concatenation hierarchies
Dietmar Berwanger and Marie Van Den Bogaard. Consensus Game Acceptors
Markus Lohrey, Karin Quaas and Shiguang Feng. Path Checking for MTL and TPTL
Markus Holzer, Sebastian Jakobi and Martin Kutrib. Minimal Reversible Deterministic Finite Automata
Sergey V. Avgustinovich, Anna Frid and Svetlana Puzynina. Ergodic infinite permutations of minimal complexity
Srecko Brlek, Nadia Lafrenière and Xavier Provençal. Palindromic complexity of tree-like graphs
Victor Marsault. Surminimisation of automata
Michael Ludwig, Andreas Krebs and Klaus-Jörn Lange. On Distinguishing NC1 and NL
Yo-Sub Han, Sang-Ki Ko and Kai Salomaa. Generalizations of Code Languages with Marginal Errors
Jozef Jirasek and Galina Jiraskova. The Boundary of Prefix-Free Languages
Tomoyuki Yamakami. Complexity Bounds of Constant-Space Quantum Computation
Friedrich Otto and Kent Kwee. Deterministic ordered restarting automata that compute functions